• mika

Save the animals while reflecting your inner rainbow to your hairs.

Like the clothing we chose and our accessories the color of our hair is a way to reflect our personality, express ourselves and making a statement. But no-one wants to sacrifice and damage their hair. And we are pretty sure that you would never hurt animals and nature while the rainbow dances on your hair. The best way to be sure is to use 100% plant-based hair dyes which are not tested on animals and make sure your hairdresser prefers them too.

Vegetal hair dyes are often vegetable-based dyes, like henna, that come in temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent formulas. Most of these dyes contain good-for-your hair ingredients like essential oils and cocoa butter. These can in fact help your hair look better. And they are free from many chemicals which are bad for your hair.

That being the case Mika set to work and searched for 100 percent plant based hair dyes for you! :)

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