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Nature and animal friendly hands and feet care

We all know that well-kept hands and feet are perhaps the most important part of our image. So much so that they emphasize not only our beauty and grace but our hygiene. While we care for our hands, nails and feet, it is also possible to make friendly choices with nature, with other living things and with our health. Mika listed some of the natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free brands for you.

Şelale acetone and nail polish removers do not contain any animal by products.

Thanks to the natural extracts included, Erboristica’s almond oil hand and nail cream, takes care of your fingernails and softens hands. Erboristica is an eco-friendly product with a high degree of biodegradability and recyclable packaging, which does not contain any petrochemical derivatives. It is also not tested on animals. The price is also quite affordable. Available online.

Wet N Wild's nail protectors and nail polish protectors, which are not tested on animals, are a good option for their animal lovers.

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