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Korean Beauty Steps

Korean women’s beauty regimen is very popular over the world as their beauty is famous. K beauty protocol is a 10 step beauty regime and it necessities natural ingredients. The steps can completely be customized. Alicia Yoon who is a Korean beauty expert outlines the basic steps as follows.

1. Oil based cleanser: These are designed to dissolve makeup and remove any residues from the day. The oil-based cleanser is usually solid at room temperature until it's applied and then it miraculously becomes liquid. And in Korea these oil based cleansers will often have herbal medicines included in them. These cleansers can also double as a moisturizer as they're very hydrating.

2. Water based cleanser: It's water soluble and it follows the oil-based cleanser. The water-based cleanser is often a foam type of cleanser. These will often contain numerous plant extracts including some ferments and juices. The water-based cleanser should be PH balancing to your skin.

3. Exfoliator: You would use an exfoliator one to five times per week, depending on your skin type and the method of application. Korean products will have saturated exfoliating pads that are designed for one-time use. If you decide to use a mechanical exfoliation such as a facial scrub you would use this less often perhaps one to two times a week.

4. Hydrating toner: This will form the base for the other layers to follow. The toner you select should also be PH balancing to your skin. There are different types available so be sure to choose one that is suitable for your skin type. Good quality products will have botanical extracts and other natural ingredients in them. So be on the lookout for those ingredients to and here's a tip for you: don't purchase toner as with alcohol in them. They are much too drying, even for oily skin.

5. Essence: An essence can also be a serum, a facial oil. Essences are products that target problem areas like dark circles and baggy skin. They are usually super concentrated and come in much smaller bottles than the other products do. They often contain expensive and exotic ingredients.

6. Ampoules: Amouples go hand-in-hand with essences. Ampoules are also very concentrated and often contain exotic and expensive ingredients just like the essences do. You might have noticed that there is some overlap between essences and ampoules.

7. Hydrating mask: This is usually a sheet mask. These are also known as a rubber mask and they're loaded with infused vitamins. These are disposable, one time use masks.

8. Eye cream: This is a specific application to the more delicate and thin area of the face. Eye creams are also used to treat specific issues like dark circles and fine lines.

9. Moisturizing: This is the final layer at bedtime, and the second to last layer for during the day. Moisturizers are usually a cream, but you can get them in a gel form as well.

10. SPF application : This is the final layer for daytime routine it's usually recommended that you apply an SPF broad spectrum of 30 or more.

Now you are ready for your make-up if you left any strength to apply any! 😊

It is important to personalize your K beauty steps according to you skin type and specific needs of your skin. Your lifestyle will also determine how much time and how much budget you want to allocate for your skin. What is important here is to apply these steps regularly.

Korean beauty brands now also possible to find in Turkey. Our favorite is Missha, who does not test on animals and has a vegan series.

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