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Beauty and skincare tips for dry skin

If your pores are small, if your skin is easily flaky, thin lines are visible at an early age, thin tissue, delicate, thin and easy to wrinkle, and if it is prone to broken veins you have dry skin.

Clinical Aromatherapist and Essential oil therapist Deanna Russel states that essential oils for dry skin are carrot seeds, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, neroli, sandalwood and lavender.

According to Russell, these essential oils can be mixed with jojoba, sweet almonds, avocado, apricot kernels, sesame seed oil.

In addition, the primrose oil, calendula oil infusion, nerolite hydrosol and aloe are natural healing miracles for dry skin.

Those who have dry skin should prefer cream based or oil cleaning methods. Gentle clays with moisturizer for mask, rose or lavender water as the tonic would be the right choices. To moisture the skin water-based moisturizers and the oils mentioned above should be preferred.

You can also enjoy natural care by choosing the ones suitable for dry skin from vegan and cruelty brands in the lists prepared by mika.

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